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Another one of Dayton's technology business incubators, The Entrepreneurs Center (TEC) provides incubation services and leased space to start-up companies. Companies in TEC are working on concepts including information technology and prototype manufacturing.

Eastern Horizon Technologies

EHT is a company focused on Digital Signage and advanced Electronic Pricing displays. The company specializes in research and development of ultra-low power and energy efficient electronic signs capable of displaying pricing and promotional information with automated updates fed by the retailer’s pricing data systems.

Van Hoose Associates, Inc.(VHA)

VHA provides complete solutions for content management, collaboration, workflow and records management challenges. Using a combined software and consultative approach, VHA captures and automates business processes. VHA helps government entities, corporations and nonprofit organizations save money by improving their efficiencies. The U.S. Air Force has deployed a VHA software tool that will help slash the time it takes to make acquisition decisions – from 700 calendar days to just 150 calendar days.

Smartview Electronics, Inc.

Smartview Electronics, Inc. designs and develops integrated access control systemsand digital control video recorders within the security industry. 

Rutherford Graphic Products

Rutherford Graphic Products designs and manufactures electronic products for printing presses and other equipment in the press room environment. These high-technology systems additions improve the offset printing process. Rutherford’s specialties include: digital presetting systems,closed-loop color control, soft-proofing systems, retrofit fountain controllers,custom-engineered press room solutions, and web and sheet-fed solutions.Rutherford’s experts in hardware and software design are actively developing affordable, next-generation products for printers in the United States and abroad. Collectively, the development staff has more than five decades of experience in the printing industry.


Quantrum provides practical computing solutions that transform diverse data into information that’s relevant – and easy to retrieve. Quantrum provides data management solutions for customers that include the Air Force, IBM, General Dynamics, Raytheon and other companies of all sizes. 

New Concepts Management Solutions(NCMS)

NCMS is a professional services firm that assists companies, organizations and government agencies by enhancing their ability to deliver quality products and services through efficient and effective program management and technical support.

LGT Material Technology, LLC

LGT Material Technology, LLC. was founded in 2006 as a research and development company specializing in Shape Memory Elastomer products or SMEs. LGT's patented product can intelligently expand in any plastic application according to different temperatures programmed into the composite material at the molecular level.  Self-energetic packer made by SME can intelligently expand in downhole applications according to different temperatures underground.

GoHypersonic Inc.

 (GHI)performs research and developmenton advanced hypersonic propulsion systems and vehicles for the Department of Defense and the U.S. aerospace community.  GHI’s research activities include the conceptual and preliminary design of hypersonic vehicles and propulsion systems, experimental testing and computational fluid dynamics.

Commuter Advertising

Commuter Advertising sells, creates, implements, manages andtracks audio-advertising spots on buses and trains to help budget-strapped public transit agencies generate new revenue.Commuter advertising is the first provider of patented, short-form, location-based audio advertising on transit vehicles. Commuter Ads made their debut on Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority buses in Ohio in 2008. Commuter Advertising leverages new technology to deliver affordable, creative and entertaining messages to targeted audiences at relevant locations. That’s because Commuter Ads are “geocoded”: placed to run at exact, desired locations – along bus and train stops near businesses – as determined by each advertiser.  In June 2008, Commuter Advertising’s business plan won first place in the New Venture Challenge sponsored by DePaul University’s Coleman Entrepreneurship Center.


ClemCorp delivers premier information technology, systems engineering and scientific-services support to federal, state, local and private-sector organizations. ClemCorp provides business operations and business transformation consulting; solution design, development and implementation; and services that manage a client’s entire IT operation.

Applied Optimization, Inc. (AO)

AO is an engineering research and developmentfirm focused on space sciences and advanced manufacturing. AO develops mathematical modeling technology and applies expertise to provide solutions and experimental validation for problems in estimation, process modeling and operational methodology. AO applies optimization principles for processing remote sensing data; perform signal processing; and track deep space objects to collect and analyze photometry data. AO also develops new mathematical techniques for the design and control of new-generation manufacturing methods such as: laser-assisted manufacturing, friction stir welding, friction stir processing of materials to produce nanostructured grain size.

Acclimate Supply Chain Solutions

Acclimate Supply Chain Solutions has created a betterway for businesses throughout the world to access, manage and use their supply chain data. Acclimate provides a data exchange software suite; a powerful, flexible, supply chain data network; plus services and support. We make business information visible throughout the supply chain.  Acclimate routinely supports three industries that have the most complex and demanding supply chains: automotive, steel and retail.

Accelerated Solutions Group

Accelerated Solutions Group providesvalue-added business and IT solutions for the government and commercial sectors. ASG is a project-focused organization that has done extensive work for the Department of Defense, including Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.  Originally ASG provided software engineering and custom training to the DoD but soon expanded into broader areas of computing technology – knowledge management, software engineering and information engineering.  ASG is a minority-owned business that offers the agility of a small firm, and through our strategic partnerships, the stability of much larger firms.

Balistique Armor Group

Balistique Armor Group is a distributor of ballistic shieldsand armor. The company's primary focus is distribution of level 4 ballistic and IED protection to the US and allied countries.  A secondary market is SWAT, Special Forces, private security and tactical teams. 

Bridging the Gap Technologies

Bridging the Gap Technologies, Inc. is a full service I.T. company, specializing in systems integration and software development. The company offers expertise in web development, e-commerce, application development and maintenance, project management, business analyst, network administration and security.


Three recent UD graduateslaunched this new crowd sourcing platform which helps organizations innovate.  Brainrack allows businesses and organizations to post a "challenge" to solve an issue or problem. Individuals and/or teams of innovators can earn prize money by submitting the best solutions.  The company was created by UD Students Senay A. Semere, Pepijn de Visscher, and Matthew Veryser from Veryser's attic near the UD campus. They have gained national and local recognition by placing second in the Harvard New Venture competition, as well as placing second in the UD Business Plan competition. 

Energy Optimizers USA

Energy Optimizers USA audits, recommends and executes energy saving changes that make Ohio's schools more efficient, greatly reducing their cost of operations.  Energy Optimizers is an energy engineering firm and energy service company (ESCO) that is acutely aware of the needs of K-12 educational institutions in reducing costs related to energy and related resources.  

Detection Innovations, Inc.

Detection Innovations has developed a pipeline of disruptive, leading-edge, enabling sensing technologies and designed a modular detection system that offers best-of-class wireless, remote, robust, rapid threat sensing and assessment and hazard detection and screening products for trucking, military, transit, transportation and homeland security, including specific enforcement jurisdictions such as the FDA, EPA, TSA, DoE, DoT, DoD & OSHA.  The system responds to under-monitored market needs by providing all-in-one, easy to use, portable, wearable, fixed-point and hand-held commercial-strength sensing products and integrated systems, that simultaneously detect multiple threats and provide real-time in-line, local and remote reporting. 

TeraView Limited

TeraView Limited is the world's first and leadinginnovator of 3-D imagingand spectroscopicsystems which exploit the properties of terahertzto characterize a wide range of materials. Our patented terahertz technology creates spectroscopic information and 3D images with unique spectroscopic signatures not found at other wavelengths. It resolves many of the questions left unanswered by complementary techniques, such as optical imaging, Raman and infrared. Terahertz technology also produces faster results than X-ray and enables non-destructive, internal, chemical analysisof tablets, capsules and other dosage forms.

3DS  Analytical

3 Degrees of Separation (3DS) is a consulting and instrumentdevelopment company specializing in multi-dimensional,high-speed and micro-fabricated gas chromatography. The 3DS team has diverse experience in academic, industrial and governmental environments and will work with customers to facilitate identifying and solving analytical challenges, including method development, instrument design, customized training, and helping to identify and meet specific application needs.

NoBull Innovation

NoBull Innovation’s interest is to deliver technology to the market with a desire to elevate innovation to disciplines such as engineering and science.  NoBull Innovation works with clients to reach their goals and simultaneously apply their methodology to create spin off companies and new products. NoBull is currently commercializing a disruptive technology for gas chromatography columns, VGC Chromatography and with Integument (NY based firm) spun off Applied Nanoinfusion who specializes in infusion technology to put nanoparticles into polymers.

International Health Monitoring Systems, Inc.

IHMSI builds small sensors that get embedded into composite structures such as wind turbine blades and report on the structural integrity of the part.

Direct Connections

DC2 Dayton builds small form factor power generation boxes that hook to or are fed by a rotary shaft such as an alternator or a power take off shaft.  One unit, about the size of two bread boxes, takes the place of an entire two wheel pull behind generator.