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Dayton Tech Town

Dayton, Ohio's premier technology-oriented campus is designed to support the application, commercialization, and convergence of cutting-edge technologies. Entrepreneurial enterprises focused on Sensors, RFID Cyber Security, Advanced Materials, and Data Mining/Management benefit from Tech Town's comprehensive support system, leading to the commercialization of their products quickly, efficiently, and profitably.

Tech Town tenants benefit from already-established relationships with the country's leading R&D facilities, leading to unlimited collaboration opportunities with institutions such as the University of Dayton Research Institute and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base –the largest, most diverse and organizationally complex base in the U.S. Air Force, and a center for primary and applied technology research.

Tech Town is also located within Dayton's Aerospace Hub of Innovation & Opportunity –a designation that is creating state-supported projects for companies within the hub that develop aerospace and advanced materials technologies.